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The winner will be announced on 29 August.

The Moth Art Prize consists of a month-long retreat at a newly renovated barn in a beautiful lakeland setting in rural Ireland, along with a travel stipend of €1,000.

The barn, which features a studio and living area downstairs and open-plan accommodation upstairs, is situated along a quiet country lane, surrounded by lakes. The nearest village of Milltown, which has a shop and a pub, is a few kilometres away. A bicycle will be provided, and the publishers of The Moth will be on hand to take you to the nearest town for provisions. 

To enter, please submit a portfolio of images of 5–10 2D artworks – to include figurative or representational paintings, drawings (including mixed media) and original prints – to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com

The following details should be included: your name, telephone number, number of images included and method of payment. 

A few things to note: 

The winner chooses what month of the year they would like to spend at the barn. 
TThere is no onus on the artist to produce a body of work while staying at the barn. We want it to be a place to rejuvenate and be inspired. 
You can also submit your entry (along with an entry form) by post to:
Ardan Grange, Milltown, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland
Images cannot be returned. Please read the rules before you submit your work. 
Entry fee is €20 per portfolio.
Payment should be made via PayPal to mothartprize@themothmagazine.com. Or you can send a cheque or bank draft to ‘The Moth Magazine Ltd’ to the address above.  
The Prize will be judged anonymously by the publishers of The Moth.

00 353 49 9522995