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Issue 30 Autumn 2017
Down at the Circus of Self-Disgust by Michael Derrick Hudson        
[Moth Short Story Prizewinner]                         
Meaning Enough by Ross Jackson                 
Long Distance by Suzanne Conway                               
You Are Worth It by T. S. Hidalgo                  
While We Were Alive by Dianna Mackinnon Henning                               
So Much to Tie Up: an interview with Sally Rooney                  
My Husband Reading Me Poetry on a Wednesday Morning in June by Lizzie Hutton                       
[Moth Short Story Prizewinner]                        
Where in the World We Had a Mason Jar by Jonathan Starke                                                 
I Was Boiling Eggs by Jack Cooper Stimpson              
Driving the Coast by Zoe Mitchell                   
Where the Madness Came: an interview with June Caldwell                  
On the Flightpath to Ireland by Jane Routh  
The Art of Leaving by Sean Robinson                          
Immemorial by Gram Joel Davies                  
Cormorant by Heidi Williamson                     
[Moth Short Story Prizewinner]                                               
Polling the People by Maarten Inghels (translated by Willem Groenewegen)         
Featuring artwork by
Cover by Ingrid Loxterkamp