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Issue 33 Summer 2018
The First Time They Want You by Lotte Mitchell Reford                                 
Famous Last by Jude Cook                                          
Facts by Julie Cameron Gray                                      
Portal by Peggy O’Brien                                               
the machine is painted black by Stefano Paparo
Fort/Da by Linda Bamber                                            
Consultation by Julia Webb                                        
Bucket by Iain Twiddy                                   
Lascaux by Tom Paine                                   
We Are Nothing But Afraid by Natalie Crick         
Painting is like a Metronome: an interview with Chantal Joffe                    
Heat by Lauren Mackenzie                                         
Choose Your Own Adventure, or Creative 101 by Hannah Austin
Against Destruction by Hannah Louise Poston   
Collage with Small Angel by Richard Brostoff      
To Be Handled With Care by Patricia Donovan    
After-Stroke by Mary Brady                                       
Close the Shutters and Listen: an interview with Caitríona O’Reilly                           
The Girls and the Fires by Imogen Dall                  
People in a Diary by Richard W. Halperin               
Martian Intermarriage in Philadelphia by Kim Bridgford                                                 
Fouetté en Tournant by Colson Lin                        
The Moth Poetry Prize                                  
Featuring artwork by
Enrico Riley, Pawel Kleszczewski and Ray Turner

Cover by Chantal Joffe