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Issue 28 Spring 2017
‘i need large electric oven roaster … ’ by Maya Jewell Zeller                        
Camping by S. J. Mannion                              
Marriage by Greg Geis                        
Papier Mâché Boat: an interview with John Kelly
New House: Brick with Lime Green Door by Christina Seymour                               
Untitled by Buko                                            
Sonnet to Myself by Owen McLeod               
Breakfast in a White Room by Howard Wright           
Clearing by Anna Ball                        
Letter to Al by Lee Sharkey                
Our First Serial Killer by Charlie Keyheart
You’re in My Blood like Holy Wine by Katie Hale                                         
The Fact of Forgetting by Elizabeth Morton     
One Summer Nothing Went Wrong by Sarah Dickenson Snyder                                 
Collected Poems by Maitreyabandhu              
Checkerboard by Mitchell Albert                    
chemo makes you feel like shit by David Romanda                                       
On the Sprocket Side of the Hay Rake by C. Mikal Oness                                         
Being Honest with Himself: an interview with John Boyne                 
Souvenir by Andrew Jamison                        
Lough Ardan by Carla Manfredino                 
Let Me Sleep by Scott Elder                            
The Arrest of the Englishman on the Beach at Cannes by Michael Thomas               
The Moth Short Story Prize 2017

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