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Issue 38 Autumn 2019

Some Thanks by James Giddings              
Journeys by Conor Crummey                           
Dolphin Cafe by Bryony Littlefair                    
Just Me Taking Down Notes: an interview with Gary Shteyngart     
The Idea of Pelicans at Key West by David Keplinger                 
Garden of Beatitudes by Colette Colfer
What I Know about Swedes by M. V. Williams
Lullaby by Beth Booth                    
Roots by B. S. Cummings                                           
Light’s Tricks by Sharon Black     
The Egg by Patricia Traxler            
The History of Home by Laura Potts
Sex Ed on the Dairy Farm by Arlo Voorhees          
It Happened by Robert Estes                                        
Sky by Jan Napier                                                              
Rat Traps by Kieran Moriarty                                  
The Humancules by Stephanie Limb                       
Cardiac Arrest by Paul Kessell                       
Survival Skills by Maria Stadnicka              
Difficult Fruit by Damen O’Brien               
These Doors were Opened: an interview with Stephen Sexton                  
The Life Cycle of the Penis by Will Walker             
Featuring artwork by

Cover by Vincent Xeus

Issue 37 Summer 2019
Girlhood by Jenny Irish 
A Long Dark Joke by Peter J. Walsh                          
Driving up the Interstate After Reading Denise Levertov by Mitchell Untch                              
Differently by David Cameron                            
Oak Song by Justin Quinn              
Killing the Self That Made It: an interview with Joshua Cohen                       
Gorilla by Michael Eden Reynolds                            
Care Home by Jackie Martin                                       
Men with Tails by Mark Russell                 
Danny, who Collects the Rubbish by Patrick Toland                
Cromer by Chris Emery                 
All Religions are Hypotheses by Niels Hav
Girl in Canary Yellow Dress by Rebecca O’Connor                                                
A Swan Walks into a Bar by Elizabeth Gold             
The Feeney Triptych by Ian Heffernan                  
Apologia by Greg Geis                                  
All Suffering Soon to End by Geoff Wyss              
Emergency by Toti O’Brien         
Head Torch by Elizabeth Barrett               
Fable by Sneha Madhavan-Reese
It’s Not Yours Any More: an interview with Nicole Flattery
Ecosystem by Mhairi Owens      
Crosby Souvenir by Maria Isakova Bennett
Family Gathering by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro         
Freya by Meabh Ann McCrossan                              
Divorceville by Scott Bradfield                   
The Moth Poetry Prize 2019
Featuring artwork by

Cover by Daniela Uhlig

Issue 36 Spring 2019

Christmas Work Detail, Samos by Steven Heighton
Man of Salad by Chris Newlove Horton                      
The Sinking of the Belgrano by Michael Sharp            
Body Language by Susan Millar DuMars         
Tomato Sandwiches by Michele Smart            
Strangers by Andrew Szilvasy              
Night by Adam Chiles                          
Magical Thinking by David Briggs                   
Birds of America: Plate 50, Robin by Robert Gibb      
Sestina by Margaret Park Haas
Into Something Stranger: an interview with Helen Oyeyemi                   
Dead Drift by Jude Nutter    
Sweetness by Lauren Mackenzie
Octonaut by David Stavanger     
April Escape by Judith Hoyer              
Forbidden by Sharon Black                             
Automatic Delete Function: an interview with Caoilinn Hughes                        
Sahara by Martin Jago                          
Even Angels Will Fall by Rachel Coventry      
Milk-Chocolate Brown Fox by Mark Lawlor   
Redwood // Pacific by George Neame             
Tom’s Wedding by Susan Sanford Blades       
Vesper Sparrow on a Fence Post by Lisa Bickmore       
Sweet Autumn by Laura Potts                          
The Moth Short Story Prize 2019
Featuring artwork by

Cover by Victor Man 

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