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Issue 31 Winter 2017
Windows in Belleville by Anna Lewis                      
The Banville Rule: an interview with John Banville            
How to Make a Snooker Table Laugh by Ciaran Berry                                                      
Mosquitos by George David Clark                            
Blaise by Thomas Legendre                                        
The Great Evening Bat by Hugh Smith                    
Pretty As It Is by Trent Busch                                     
Brothers Speak Oology by Sam Holdstock            
If the Name is Not Right by Yuan Changming      
My People by Anna Frances Conway                     
What I Meant When I Cried Uncontrollably at your Wedding by Jeanne Obbard                
Amy by David Romanda                                               
Boxer’s Bed by Martin Towers                  
Life is Elsewhere: an interview with Paul Murray                              
In the Half Light by J. P. Grasser               
Vanishing by Taylor Supplee                      
Mister Switzerland by Susan Bennett    
Grenfell Tower by David Salner                
Reincarnation by Michael Lee Johnson  
Hand Shadows by David Cameron           
Honey by Adrian Duncan                             
Lucky.  Dir., Bela Trakl. Columbia Pictures. 1968 by David Owen Miller                                     
Ghostly Turnip Green Glow by Marcus Slease    
Lemonade by Paul Whyte                                          
The Moth Short Story Prize                                         
Featuring artwork by
Cover by Janet Werner