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Issue 11 Winter 2012

It Kills You But It's Nifty: an interview with DBC Pierre
Five Facets of the Weighted Die by Owen Hyrick
Entymology by Selima Hill
Ley Lines by Éamon Mag Uidhir
Twitch by Jim Maguire
Patrick Hogarth: The Art of Magic by Kathleen Murray
Salt Water Fish by Valentina Cano
Ouse by Patrick Chapman
Hunger by Howard Wright
Visitation by Frank Dullaghan
Party by Elizabeth Wassell
Happiness by Jack Underwood
Vagabond by Ricky Garni
The Jist of It by Claire-Louise Bennett
Old Folks Home by Brian Beatty
End of the World by Leo Lavery
The Red Bungalow by Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson
Fitzpatrick’s Boarder by Z. G. Tomaszewski
A Prayer for Ted Hughes by Timothy Gordon
You Have to be Stupid: an interview with Leontia Flynn
Of a Man, Falling by Mark Granier
The Poet Gives the War Reporter Paul Watson an Excuse by Dan O’Brien
A Case of the Puncs by Andrew McLinden
Undiminished by Liam Ryan
Lazy Vinohrady by Alexandra Strnad
In Our House by Alyn Fenn
Moth by Zvi A. Sesling
Ad te Clamamus, Exsules, Filii Hevae by P. W. Bridgman

Featuring art by:
Tanja Ritterbex, Tali Yalonetzki, Tom Joe McCaffrey and Maria Elina
Issue 10 Autumn 2012

A Stampede through Central Park by Adam Kuplowsky
Enfant Gâté by Tom MacIntyre
A Craft You'll Never Master: an interview with Kevin Barry
A Short Walk by Chris Hardy
A Man is at his Gentlest So Late in Summer by John Wall Barger
Night and Day by Anna Kisby
Life on a Riverboat by Kat Franceska
The Quotidian Utterances Of Two Men With Nothing Left To Say by Patrick O’Flaherty
Petrol by Martina Evans
Further to Follow by Andrew Stephens
We Venture Out At Night, Under Darkness We Are Safe by Anna Byrne
Ursa Major by Libby Hart
The Argument by Ben Wilkinson
Femme Fatale by Siobhán McCooey
Somewhere near the front row a cricket plays its legs by David R. Morgan
Dream of the Outside World: an interview with John Montague
Bing Crosby by Todd Swift
The Good Thing by Kathryn Simmonds
To the Fair by Susan DuMars
Blowjobbery by Howard Wright
Prescription Drug by Paul Flaherty
Like Blonde Girls Pray to Jesus by Quincy Lehr
Someone Ought to Fire Off a Pistol by Alan Walsh
Daw by Declan Sweeney
Tune by Pat Boran
Mines by Fred Johnston
Practice by Nancy Anne Miller

Featuring art by:
Sage Vaughn, Mikolaj Smolinski, Mark Lawlor, Cliona Doyle, Diarmud Delargy and Joan Hannon

Cover by Sage Vaughn

Issue 9 Summer 2012

Beloved by Gerard Smyth
Sunlight by Kevin Graham
Soldier and Piano by Kona Macphee
Bull Island by Mark Mullee
Envoy by Luke Morgan
The Names of Horses by Eleanor Edmond
The Blame by Les Murray
Muttering Bits from Finnegan's Wake: an interview with Martina Evans
Lyric by John Montague
Devil by Rebecca O’Connor
Parsing the Body by Kita Shantiris
Friendly Fire by Pádraic Harvey
Vico: On the State by Laurence O'Dwyer
Lost Cause by Thomas Morris
The Celtic River by Matthew Sweeney and John Hartley Williams
Girl with a Bag in Barcelona by Adam Wyeth
These Things are my Embers: an interview with Sebastian Barry
Arts Club Drunk by Tom Mathews
Wool. lifted by Sarah McKee
3 love poems by Michelle Paramanantham
Picnic by Nicholas Hogg
Miles Davis Wore the Suits You Wished You Owned by Lee Rourke
Lovers of the Damned by Troy Jollimore
Julia Blake by Eibhlis Carcione
Winter Solstice Poem by Josephine Dickinson

Featuring art by:

Paul Galligan, Emma Cowley, Lucy Jones, Toni McGreachan, Arthur Curran and Hunt Slonem
Cover by Toni McGreachan

Issue 8 Spring 2012

In Grass, Wildflowers and Weeds by Mary Melvin Geoghegan
Bee House by Olivia McCannon
The Stay by Emma Dwyer
Sweet Peas by Kavita Jindal
We Do What We’re Here to Do: an interview with Matthew Sweeney
Accident by Killian O’Donnell
One winter’s afternoon in Cambridge by Beth Davyson
The Invalid at Home by John Gunnell
Dining Al Fresco by Cróna Gallagher
The Grandeur of the Dead by Edward Power
A Different World by John Asfour
Shostakovich by Sinead Morrissey
Ballymaloe Poetry Prizewinners
Dust by Elizabeth Power
This Brilliant Eye: an interview with Pauline Halton
Epitaph II by Sokol Ferizi
The Twelfth by Dermot J. Archer
Sleeping Beauty’s Take by Niamh Boyce
Mark by Mary McCollum
DiMaggio Style by Rita Ann Higgins
Tiroler Hut by Eva Lestrange
The Last Day of Summer by Siobhan Mannion
A Prime Number by Kevin Conroy

Featuring art by:
Annette Kraft van Ermel, Lorna Corrigan, Sinead Fahey, Eileen Mulrooney, Pauline Halton, Robert Andrew Parker and Francis Casey

Cover by Michelle Boyle