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Issue 24 Spring 2016

I Dreamed Seve Ballesteros Was Playing Golf Again byStephen Sharp                                                   
Baseball on the Radio at Night by Eva HD              
Sheffield by Michael Brown                                       
Spaciousness by Chase Twichell                               
Arterial by Abigail Parry                                
Snake Charm by Sean Lusk                         
The Wound by Gerald Dawe                      
Summer ’13 by Nell Wilson                         
Brown Hairstreak Eggs by Ruth Sharman               
Cemetery Garden by Ella Frears                                
Oddly Well-Adjusted: an interview with Thomas Morris                
Tom Crean Sings Sean-nós at the Tiller in the Southern Oceanby David McLoghlin           
The Belgian Blue by Laura Morgan                            
A Summer Storm in Lycoming County by Michael P. McManus                                   
Phoebe and the Troopship by James Leader      
Blues by Fred Johnston                               
Dance Therapy by Natalya Anderson     
Paint it Red Because it Means Something: an interview with Sara Baume                             
Thirty-Seventh View of Mount Fuji by Sharon Black                                                        
Writing Won’t Feed the Family by Jason Newman                                                           
Speaking of the Dead by Frank Farrelly                 
Nigel Has Six Flash Friends by Bette Pesetsky     

Featuring artwork by
Firelei Baez, Jonathan Queen and Tran Nguyen

Cover by Serge Gay Jr.