Issue 43 Winter 2020 
Things I Learned in Philosophy Class by Gregory Wolff   
Just Enough Sex by Paola Bruni                                  
Echolate: A Bat Noctuary by Sammy Weaver
The Kinder Surprise you bought at the corner shop by Sara Levy               
Canesten 500mg Pessary by Sophie Dumon
Unemployment Benefit by Mark Russell
Russell Means Pisses Down the Face of George Washington by Brett Evans
Polyoxymethylene by Aidan O’Donoghue
Touch Yourself by Alison Zheng                            
The Lives of Other People: an interview with Maaze Mengiste
I Don’t Think I’m in Love With You Any More by Rachel Morton              
Drink Me by Ernest Hilbert
Summer of Love by Bishop & Fuller      
Frigg Cheats at a Fancy Dress Party by Warren Mortimer
Photograph: Kiss-o-meter Couple, 1940 by Emma Ginader
The Cat by Kik Lodge
Tactics by Michael Stalcup
Becoming Big Sis by Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana
The Lady and the Sea by Peter Stuart-Sheppard
This is Still a Manifesto by Topaz Winters
Something Ignited: an interview with Ella Frears
I Dreamt That Lemn Sissay Was my Estate Agent by Jackie Martin
Here’s the thing about wings by Rae Hoffman Jager
HAPPINESS ('ha-pē-nǝs), n. [pl. happinesses ('ha-pē-nǝs-ǝz)]: by Joachim Glage
Featuring artwork by
Craigie Harper, Sarah Leonard and Simon Quadrat (at Sladers Yard)

Issue 42 Autumn 2020 
White Power by Tusiata Avia     
Moth Short Story Prizewinner: Frankenstein's Monster is Drunk, and the Sheep Have All Jumped the Fences by Owen Booth
Sestina: Rape by Stuart Barnes
A Good Score: an interview with Roger Robinson
The Pheasants by Sammy Weaver          
Shibboleth by Jonathan Dunk
Away by Tony Birch
Poems Lull Us into Safety by Tishani Doshi
A Perfect Start to the Weekend by Emma Simington
Moth Short Story Prizewinner: Year of the Pig by Gabriel Smith      
i didn’t get the studio in paris by Jennifer Compton                                                                  
from Working Definitions by Ricky Ray
Poem in Which the Poet (aged 6) confuses Protestants and Catholics with Prostitutes and 
Republicans by Jo Burns       
The Dusty Mask by Akhim Alexis 
You’re Golden: an interview with Guy Gunaratne
I hear them discussing Anne Sexton’s poem by Beth Davyson
Objects of my Affection by Yessica Klein
Moth Short Story Prizewinner: Going Places by Natalie Southworth
Robbery in Bayshore Beautiful by Jodi Johnson
Apocalypse in the Carpark by Thuy On
Corvids by Sharon Black
Featuring artwork by

Cover by Janet Hill 

Issue 41 Summer 2020   OUT OF PRINT
The Witch by Bethany W. Pope
Things that Trouble Me: an interview with Naoise Dolan
Sheffield by Vanessa Lampert    
The Nurse by Dan O’Brien                                      
Instant Detonation by Fred Johnston
Aubade by Rachel Dixon         
Next Summer by Luke Samuel Yates
My loneliness is not the same as your loneliness by Tishani Doshi
Freshers by Anne Bailey
Distancing by Nina Quigley                             
The End by Sarah Venart
Sell Myself? by David Romanda         
Strawberry Picking, or, Notice for Termination of Employment by Mícheál McCann 
True Hope Cometh from the Sea by Joel Wayne         
To Make it Strange: an interview with Sophie Mackintosh                         
Living through history by Lotte Mitchell Reford                                                                  
Another Liza by Terese Coe                                      
The Gold in the Giblets by Nicholas Petty
Watch Your Shy Sons by Christian Butler-Zanetti                   
April Above Rue Oberkampf by Hildred Crill     
Desire by Eithne Hand
White Tulip by Jessica Drake-Thomas
The Moth Poetry Prize 2020
Featuring artwork by
Romina Bassu, Guim Tio Zarraluki and Vincent Xeus

Cover by Xinxin Wen

Issue 40 Spring 2020
Moth Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Why the Last One Quit by Kathy Stevens           
Moth Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Shower by Krisztina Tóth, 
translated from the Hungarian by Owen Good
Light Throwing Light on Nothing But Itself by Michael Martin           
Far From the Peaceful Shore by James Kincaid
A Bird by Michael Brosnan
Action! by Gary Duehr           
Sainsburys, 1994 by G. E. Stevens                             
Thanksgiving by Dana Jaye Cadman                                                                                  
To a PhD by Richard O’Connell          
Highsmith, 1942 by Holly Mitchell      
The Week of Magical Thinking by Sharon Black       
Oddly Beautiful and True: an interview with Sharon Olds 
Moth Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Katherine Mansfield’s Sister’s Cousin by Dan Gallagher                   
Dick pics by Sarah Tsiang                                         
Mythology by John Kelly                                 
Test Results by Terence Winch                                 
Yes, We Exist by Joshua Blackman                 
Poet’s Syndrome by Tom Paine                         
A clerk at Safeway asks Baba Yaga, ‘Did you find what 
you were looking for, young lady?’ by Tina Blade  
The Best in Show: an interview with Fiona Benson                      
Moth Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Featuring artwork by

Cover by John Larriva




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