Issue 15 Winter 2013

Series of Errors by Liam Cagney
Cycling by Gwyn Parry
Heart by Linda Anne Atterton
Pagans by Michael J. Farrell
Silent Orchard by Janet Rogerson
Tuscan Plums by Mairead Donnellan
First Kiss by Jack Little
Thirteen by Martin Kratz
What Now? by Eleanor Hooker
On Getting Away With It by Kevin Higgins
The Neighbour's Dog by Frank Dullaghan
Back at the Very Beginning: an interview with Belinda McKeon
The Recall by Mike McCormack
Milton's Satan and I by Omar Sabbagh
Danforth by Anna Smith
The Going of Mary MacNeice by Martin Monahan
A Natural Thing to be Doing: an interview with John McManus
Fresh Figs in a Box Labelled 'Salvi' by Mary Di Lucia
Visitation by T. Clear
Beyond by Julie O'Callaghan
from The Yellow Notebook by Matthew Cariello
The Giant's Heart by Polly Buckingham

Featuring art by
J. P. Donleavy, Isobel Brigham and Angela Ooghe
Cover by Essam Marouf 

Issue 14 Autumn 2013    OUT OF PRINT
Lanterns by Maitreyabandhu    
Paperchase by Thomas Maloney
Room by Diane Fahey   
Coyotes by Kelly Sullivan                                             
Sepulveda by Christopher Leibow                           
Half Carcass of Calf by Patrick Deeley                     
In Those Big Wide Fields: an interview with Mike McCormack                    
Looking at you by Sarah Chapman                           
God Changed the Locks by Naomi Hamilton        
Behave, Moriarty by Nichola Deane                       
The Good Room by Conor McManus                     
Deathbed by Paddy Moran                                       
Blackthorn Tree by Dermot O’Keefe                      
The Honest Gardener by Clare McCotter             
Tree by John McKernan                                               
Folklore by Paul Flaherty                                             
Being Close to the Night: an interview with Niamh Boyce                             
Bugger at Sea by Roisin Collins                  
For Kristofer by Craig Blais                                           
J. Alfred and the Lads by Joe Crotty                        
The Holiday by Kerry Hardie                                       
A Distinct Lack of Thud by Patrick Dillon 
The Age by Fred Johnston

Featuring art by
John Buck, Catrin Welz Stein, Mark Lawlor, Jonathan Turner, Scott French and Ann Dardis  

Cover by Ralph Kiggell

Issue 13 Summer 2013
And Him Blind by John McManus
Just These Two Words: an interview with J. P. Donleavy
The Phantom Museum by Howie Good                                   
Afghan Boy by Noel King                                             
A Bit of Tragedy by Frances Gapper                        
Effort of That by Aoife McGuinness                        
I Will Be Your Moon by Dagogo Hart Dagogo       
Betrayal by William Walsh                                           
Beginning of Winter by Floyd Skloot                       
Credit by Lorraine Mariner                                          
Petronella by Niamh Boyce                                        
Summers by Richard Carr                                            
The Mighty Gary by Rob Perry                  
An Honest Moon by Kita Shantiris                           
For you, my love by Jacques Prevert, translated by Mary Frances Mooney                          
Krakatoa Moon by Liane Strauss                              
Ghosties by Meadhbh Ní Eadhra                              
A Fable (of Sorts) About Silence, Featuring My Aunt Madeleine by Vona Groarke                            
The Classic Double-Take by John Hartley Williams   
Time Machine by Jonathan Greenhause                              
Vision by Anthony Lawrence                                     
Vision of the Journey to Hell by Gerard Beirne  
The War Reporter Paul Watson Has Dinner with Aideed by Dan O’Brien                                
Such a Cool Kid: an interview with Claire Kilroy  
the tragic tale of Mrs Lewis and the 147th football by Scott Pack                                               
Articulated Lorries by Selima Hill                               
Catalogue by Susan Levi Wallach                              
The Sonnet of the Locked Box and What I Found There by Martina Newberry

Featuring art by

Cover by Diego Gravinese

Issue 12 Spring 2013

Hindsight by Sile Mannion
Writing Songs - An interview with Paul Muldoon
There to make the rest of us look bad by Matthew Welton
St Fillan's Gallery by Rachael Boast
I am Reading by Christine Hamm
What Happens to Love? by Joseph Lisowski
Les Amants by Elisabeth Russell Taylor
Today by Jona Xhepa
The Fib by Killian O’Donnell
Introit by Ian Duhig
I am a Cheap Windscreen Wiper by Kyle Hemmings
In Situ by Nikesh Shukla
Ballymaloe Poetry Prize Winners
Sweet by Sharanya Manivannan
Inspector’s Field Notes on the Death of Robert James Moore by Stevie Howell
Exiled in the infinite – Killian Turner, Ireland’s Vanished Literary Outlaw by Rob Doyle
Bedtime Story by Terence Kuch
Sweetshop by Eibhlis Carcione
Myth of Who I Am by Gerard Smyth
A Small Honest Poem by Edward Doegar
The Sporting Edge – An interview with Seamus O’Rourke
The Apology by Polly Buckingham

Featuring art by



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