Issue 19 Winter 2014

Ghazal of the Tonsured-in-Denial by Killian O’Donnell                                      
I Like Going to Oz: an interview with Billy Collins                              
The fish I would like to meet by Catherine Ayres  
Archives by Martin Monahan                                
Thistledown by Dermot Healy                               
The Emancipation of Gordon Spanner by Sharon Boyle                                                      
Cardiac Examination by Tim Cresswell                
The Winter of ’62 by Jude Cowan Montague        
Filial Piety by E. Michael Desilets                        
Hot Wind Some Day by Carl Bowlby                   
My Mother’s Lover by Lani O’Hanlon                 
Poem by Rowland Bagnall                                     
on the doorstep by Marjon Mossammaparast        
Empire Tour by John Boyne                                  
Hue by Tom Gowen                                              
Unanswered by David Cameron                           
The War Reporter Paul Watson’s Obsession With Combat Sex by Dan O’Brien
No Whining by Meryl Natchez                              
Born into a Subject: an interview with Kamila Shamsie                       
Speech from the Cage by Damian Furniss            
Over Six Dry Cow by Nancy White                      
After Eavesdropping at the Temple by Mike Casetta                                                            
The Frog by Kate Quigley                                     
Newt Passant Guardant by Seth Crook                 
Why can’t we be friends? by Christopher Evans 
The Sad Mans Club by TRH                                
Do Let’s Please Be Happy by Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe                 
The Moth Short Story Prize 2015                           

Featuring art by
Cameron Hampton, Vladislav Salabun, Lu Cong, Jodie Paterson, P. J. Lynch, Roy Eastland, Jennifer Trouton and Steven Ketchum
Cover by Randy Mora

Issue 18 Autumn 2014 
Cutting Corners by Dustin Junkert
Emily by Mandy Beaumont         
Borderline by Eleanor Holland    
Holly Road by Dermot O’Keeffe
The Boys Throw Rocks at Swans and I Watch by Adam Rooke                                      
The Exterminator of Curls by Dana Robbins
What All Poems are About by Ronald McFarland                               
To Have My Cake and Eat It: an interview with Dan Rhodes                          
Wife by Margot Douaihy                                              
Savage Garden by Sara Henry                    
Gypsy Songs by David Salner                      
Clémence and Constance Go West by Charlotte Bondy                                                   
Scrapper by Adam White                                             
A Bee Flat Sonnet by Sarah Jefferis                          
High-Altitude Parachutist by Martin Kratz             
The Obvious Path: an interview with Emily Berry               
Behind the Seen by Virginia Jealous                       
Upcycle by June Caldwell                                             
The Unpublished Journal Entry of an Italian Surgeon … by W. Frank                                          
Woods by Peter Rawlings                                            
The King’s Salt by Yusef Komunyakaa                    
Things to Do by James Sulter                                      
The Caterpillar Poetry Prize

Featuring art by
Dorothy Messenger, Naomi Okubo, Alicia Galer, Wen Wu and Jonathan Turner 

Cover by Cesar Santos

Issue 17 Summer 2014
Call me Sweetheart by Máighréad Medbh
Triple Negative by Anja Konig
The Compassionate by Andrew Squitiro
Hitchhikers by Steven Blythe
What the Sirens Sang to Odysseus by Cathy Bryant                                                             
At the Camp on Lake St George by James Breslin                                                
The Fish by Yewande Omotoso                            
Whitechapel Hospital, 1995 by Richard Kemp     
Pâté de Foie Gras by Pascale Petit                         
Alderflies by Togara Muzanenhamo                      
Crow Conversation by Becca de la Rosa               
The Allure of Elsewhere: an interview with Rob Doyle                                        
The Holiday by Hamish Robinson                        
Parking in Snow Country by Damien Doorley      
Lake Lure by William Walsh                                 
The 73 Things You Know by The Man in the Black Pyjamas                              
The Route Back by Megan Alpert                         
X: an interview with Tom MacIntyre                     
The Religion of Healing by Laura Post                 
For Subsideen the Gnome by Kola Tubosun         
Mourning Becomes Shelbourne Falls by Nuala Ní Chonchúir                                             
Flying Over the North Pole by Amali Rodrigo     
Lascaux by Tom Moore                                         
Harvesting Underwater Fields by Sarah Clancy                                                   
The Dead Man by Matthew Sweeney                    
Bean Popcorn by James Loks                                
The Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize             

Featuring art by

Louis Smith, Carrie Marrill, Chrissy Hazell and Tazia Fawley 

Cover by Kenne Gregoire

Issue 16 Spring 2014

Bottled Time Turns Sour by Tom MacIntyre
Half a House for Half a Novel: an interview with Eimear McBride                     
 On Realising My Son Was Socrates and My Husband Frank Sinatra by Billie Travalini    
A Domestic Scene by Gréagóir Ó Dúill                
Mirror by Elizabeth Burns                                     
Cormorants by Michael Prior                                
I’ve Been Thinking About the Reasons Why We Should Probably Break Up by Sara Baume            
Death of a Cheerleader by Ian Ganassi                 
Concerning Spanish People by Hugh Smith          
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prizewinners      
We Were Not Stopping But Always Did by Paul Stephenson                                                             
The Shift by Dennis Lee                                        
December by Abriana Jette                                    
A Day in Court by Mark O’Flynn                                 
Hannah, Decanter and Cloud by Susan Rich          
The Embarrassing Soundtrack to the Opening Scene of My Life by Michael Sarnowski       
Like an Ordinary Life: an interview with Donal Ryan                         
Patrick’s Roadhouse by Paul Lieber                          
Berry Nide by June Caldwell                         

Featuring art by
Claire Lau, Valerie Littlewood, Cesar Santos, Kelly Riccetti, David Paul Costello, Elva Paulson and Clare Elsaesser

Cover by Clare Elsaesser




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