Issue 7 Winter 2011

Fresh Wolves by Laura Solomon                    
This Ungovernable Feeling: an interview with Robert McLiam Wilson   
Snowball assassins by Scott Pack                                    
El Peredor by Alan McMonagle                       
Billboard Haiku by John MacKenna                              
The Small Islands by Elizabeth Diamond     
The Song of the Borachán by Gerard Beirne
Hinamatsuri by Jean O'Brien                                           
At the Xaragua by Laurence O'Dwyer                            
The Birdman: an interview with Vincent Sheridan                    
Freaks! by Caroline Smailes and Nik Perring
Skype by Clodagh Beresford Dunne                              
After Image by Billy Ramsell                                           
Letter to Missoula by Phillip Crymble                            
A Proud Old Man by Kufre Udeme                 
Whittled by Martin Meyler                                               
Insult by Fred Johnston                                     
Captions by David Hayden                                              
Gazebo by Martina Evans                                
Laughter and Music by Floyd Skloot                             
Cattle Pen by Ger Reidy                                    
The Meaning by Elisabeth Russell Taylor     
La Vie Bohème by Tom MacIntyre                               
The Card by Mary Noonan                                              
Cover by Rachel Austin

Issue 6 Autumn 2011

Earth Journey by Josephine Dickinson
ABC by Mark Lawlor
Hours dismembered by Simon Leyland
At Dusk by Matthew Geden
Brown’s Hotel, Laugharne by Julie-Ann Rowell
Bangkok by Kevin Simmonds
Dancers at Castletown Cross by Michael Ray
Measuring by John Saunders
Metre by Enda Coyle-Greene
Snailsock by Sue Healy
Sunday Rising by Patricia Clark
Yeti by Patrick Deeley
Leaning into your world by Afric McGlinchey
Dream by Rebecca O'Connor
A Night of Perfect Seeing, September 1950 by Christine Dwyer Hickey
The Family by Michael J. Whelan
Soldier’s Breakfast by Oliver Dunne
Whatever Happened to Clare Torry by Ted McCarthy
Le Duc by Robert McLiam Wilson
Distaff Discontent by Mary Frances Mooney
A Confidence by Richard Halperin
Leaves, after Lucian Freud by Tiffany Anne Tondut
Against Sense by Jim Johnstone
The Old Man and his Sons by Heðin Brú
Pinning Them on the Wall: an interview with Michael Kane
City of Dogs by Bina Shah
Classifieds by Mary Tolan

Featuring art by
Louise Leonard, Gabor Rosko, Jane Doberstein, Michael Dickter, Maria Pace-Wynters, Michael Kane, Ciaran Lawless and Jessica Greenman

Cover by 
Isobel Brigham 


Issue 5 Summer 2011

The world’s equilibrium by Ginés Cutillas
Like Ships by Elizabeth Barrett
Do Not Swim Near Rocks by Cherry Smyth
A Microchip Translates from the Portuguese the Story of a Novel by Anne Haverty
Mr Wrong by Alan McMonagle
A Kind of Love by MacDonald Harris
A Dissolution by Peter Sirr
In the Dream of the Room your Mouth by Ailbhe Darcy
Crossroads, Bras de Venus by Augustus Young
Lifting Off by Morgan Harlow
As God Is My Witness by Alan Garvey
All Marcel Marceau: an interview with Colette Bryce
Charles Brady, Painter by Paul Durcan
Her Months Mind by Niamh Mac Alister
Love and the Seasons by Aamer Hussein
Five Tanka by Matthew Caley
From Margaret of Antioch by Gill Andrews
Eighteen by Dympna Dreyer
Country Girl: an interview with Fiona Maria Fitzpatrick
I Am Not Here by Mark Hanks
First Memory: Portmarnock Strand by Daragh Bradish
On Returning by Paul Adrian
White Fences Make Good Neighbours by Eileen Casey
Arnos Vale by Melanie Marshall
Odd Man Out by Gerard Smyth
Handover by Emily Hinshelwood
The judge, his horse and my sisters by Judy Kravis
The Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize

Featuring art by
Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Catherine Barron, Jasper Joffe, Jonathan Turner, Leigh Glover, Isobel Brigham and Ellen Heck

Cover by 
Niall Naessens

Issue 4 Spring 2011

Lesson 6: Saying Goodbye to Love in Butoh Class by Tishani Doshi

Star by Lamorna Elmer
Takeaway Night by Henry Plunkett
Summer Solstice by Daragh Breen

She’ll be glad by Paul Keenan

Thaw by Mairéad Donnellan

Careless by Nature: an interview with Christine Dwyer Hickey

The U-Shaped House by Rita Jacob

Gerund by Bernard O’Donoghue

The Instigation of Knickers in Japan by Evan Costigan

Shaping by Helena Nolan

The Pitch by Shane Connaughton

Consequence by Ciarán Tobin

Squircle by Russell Helms

Downtown by Roddy Lumsden

Desire and Free Bar by Lorraine Mariner

A Woman Called Jenny: an interview with Leanne O’Sullivan

How Many Waves Can You Count in a Day? by Agop Hacikyan

The Mare by Peter Fallon

Memento Mori by Jessica Traynor

Mr Grey Hair, Yellow Teeth, Finish Me by Niamh Boyce

A Portrait of the Artist as a Leg Man by Andrew Elliott

Mont Blanc by Richard W. Halperin

Bibliothanatos, or Epigraphs for a Last Book by Joshua Cohen

*Bubbly by Adam Wyeth

Featuring art by



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