Issue 23 Winter 2015

How Can I Mourn a Man Still Living? by Gram Joel Davies       
I Blame Lolita by Johnny Newport                 
The Liberation of Melancholy by Gary Keenan          
Nearer by Svetlana Yefimenko                                   
Far from Shore by Terese Coe            
If a Lion Could Talk: an interview with Ned Beauman     
Small Hungers by Pete Mullineaux                 
Summer by Allan Peterson                              
Milanese Summers by Denisa Vítová              
Narrow by Triin Paja                           
Pingari’s Story by Wendy Riley                       
Sheep in Umbria by Robert Wrigley   
Plans for the Back Yard by Will Eaves            
The Heart of Love is of Dark Matter by Todd Swift                                       
Dread Wig by Patrick Warner                         
It’s Impossible to Stop: an interview with Julie O’Callaghan 
I Failed You by Rena Garrett                         
It’s What I Need to Say by John Gosslee        
Did Saul Buy the Cockerel? by Stuart Pickford          
Dunvale by Gerard McKeown            
The Therapist by Johan Huybrechts    
Tapestry by Lewis Parker                    
I Want to Tell You About a Woman by Michael Bazzett                     
Featuring art by
Gregory MortensonMary Sauer, Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze and Flora Whiteley

Issue 22 Autumn 2015    OUT OF PRINT

It is dim, that which is within by Mary Looby
Just Let Him Go: an interview with Daljit Nagra
Climbing in Teotihaucan by Sam Savage        
Pyjama Squid by Marc Phillips                       
Rocks by Therese Down                                 
Looking too long at the sun by Mary B. Moore           
Red Coat by Julia Anna Morrison                   
December Swimmers by Paul Lenehan                        
Well There Goes Me Knighthood by Matt Prater                                              
My Midnight Son by Sean Kelly                     
Said Gun’s Father by Andrew Grace                
This Sort of Homesickness: an interview with Evie Wyld                                
Blame by Killian O’Donnell                           
New Love by Clare Shaw                                
Pride Goes by Richard Newton                       
Saturday Morning by Alan McMonagle                      
Unnoticed by Richard Schiffman                   
Beasts by Amy Roa                                        
Winter Poem by Michael Salcman                  
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize  
Excerpts from Brazil, Indiana by Brian Beatty             
Featuring art by
Pat PerryMichael DickterRobert C. Jackson and Diaz Alama.
Cover by Wen Wu

Issue 21 Summer 2015

Leaving Your Baby Out in the Rain by Joel Wayne     
Come Calcutta Well by Pete Miller                 
School Run by Lewis Parker                           
Nobody Can Be Atlas by Ingrid Casey                       
Lewisburg III by Maya Catherine Popa                       
52 Walnut Crescent by Loren Kleinman                     
Self Portrait by Lucian Mattison                       
Like Rain by Catherine Pond                          
Breath by Rob Packer                         
Before the Drums by Annette Volfing             
Original Sin by John Murphy                           
The Way it’s Going to Be: an interview with Irvine Welsh                  
Train Home by Elvis Bego                               
R. by Mitchell Grabois                        
Note to Self by Naomi Hamilton                     
First Date by Zahra Khan                                
Descendant of Tsars by William Doreski        
Lucia Joyce in Southampton, An Interview (1948) by Tom Mac Intyre                       
La Cucaracha by Isabel Bermudez                 
A Dream of Guinea Fowl by Jean Atkin                     
Blossom by Manus Boyle Tobin                     
The morning I reverse my BMW over your necklace is just another morning by Rosie Shepperd      
Boy Meets Girl Story by Ariel Clarke            
The Amplified Old Testament by Ruth Corkill            
Lion by Michael Collins                                 
George and Martha by Dušan Đurović           
Gabby by David Romanda                             
Whiteout by James Conor Patterson                
A God in Every Stone: an interview with Mary Costello                     
Sunday School for Lovers by Amanda Leigh Lichtenstein
Utopia by Mansour Chow                               
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize                  
Featuring art by
Alyssa MonksHenny AcloqueMaria Kreyn and Maxime Fomenko

Issue 20 Spring 2015    OUT OF PRINT

Autobiography by Billy Collins             
Bad Influence by Donal Moloney                          
They Have Two Moons: an interview with Roddy Doyle                       
Ding an Sich by Brian Robert Flynn                      
Headed toward Montana by Jocelyn Page              
Fallow by Sally Van Doren                                    
Immortality by Richard Murray                              
A Kafka Story by Nigel Jarrett                                
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
The Soothing Justice of Stones by Amanda Moody                                                               
Ohio by K. E. Duffin                                               
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Song by Hilary Fannin                                           
Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize shortlisted poem
Try to Just Inch Along: an interview with Colin Barrett                         
Like or by Andrew Kelly                                         
Coffee by Deirdre Doherty                                    
Blackbird sounding textbook warning notes by Myra Connell                                                              
Eggs by Dan Mussett                                             
Very by John McAuliffe                                         
The New and Improved by James Langer               
Featuring art by
Cover by Phillip Thomas



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