Issue 27 Winter 2016
Where Harm Goes by Richard W. Halperin
All You Want is Enough: an interview with Alan McMonagle                        
Little Saints by Stephen May                                      
Epistle to a Dray Horse by Cal Freeman                 
Women at Forty by Nichola Deane                          
A Five Year Old Divines His Future by Greg Geis                                                
Summer Sonnet by Lucy Calder                
Trophy Mouse by Eoin Molloy                   
We Take Uncle John to a Party by Michael Brosnan                                         
Up and Down by Silloc Bizhat                     
Your Last Bath by Elizabeth Horsley                         
Stardust to Stardust; or, Ancestry by Francis Daulerio
Putting My Head in Clamps: an interview with David Piddock                      
Grace by Ed Taylor                                                           
Wasp by Robbie Brennan                                             
Captain Clark’s Voyage of Desire by Cherry Smyth 
Break by Christian Wethered                                     
Hey Jealousy by Christopher DeWeese                 
Crash by Danica Ognjenovic                                       
Finally Jane Said It by David Romanda                   
Emptying the Egg of its Song by Alice Allen          
Chagall in Bornacoola by Carole Bromley              
Hafez 65 by Mario Petrucci

Featuring artwork by
Khaled Takreti, Anna Evans, Carrie Marill 

Cover by Gustavo Pena D. 

Issue 26 Autumn 2016
Two Things by Shane Jones                
Thirty-Nine by Dan O’Brien               
Up Against the Genius: an interview with Benjamin Markovits
Jellyfish by Ceridwen Hall                              
Dream this for me by Noel King                     
The Contents of My Suitcase by John Wall Barger                 
Sleep by Edward Denniston                            
from On Collapse: Panel Three by Andrew Eaton                                          
Yellow Belly by Nikki McWatters                  
Ninety-Three by Len Krisak                           
Simone as Percy’s Father by Andrew Turner  
Lessons from the First Anglo-Afghan War by Ayesha Chatterjee
The Bridge by R. O’Connor                             
Paolo Reads Francesca’s Letter to the Guardian by Conor Kelly
Provence, 1923 by P. T. Stone                        
Periodical Closet by Bill Gilson                      
Puddles by Sheila Armstrong             
Let the Kid Write: an interview with Lisa McInerney              
The Hummingbirds by Kelly McCaughrain     
Membrane by Maja Lukic                              
The Uses of Carpentry by Martin Monahan    
Lost in Translation by Killian O’Donnell         

Featuring artwork by
Sarah Leonard, David Piddock and Tomasa Martin 

Cover by David Piddock 

Issue 25 Summer 2016   OUT OF PRINT

The California Grizzly by Matthew Woodman        
He Does Anything But: an interview with Tom McCarthy               
Café Hassan by Helen Farish                         
Stripped by Nick Lipley                     
Proves the Rule by James Kincaid     
Victoria’s Pig Died by David Romanda
First Kiss by Claire Booker                            
Bird on the School Path by Dawn Watson    
Wild Days by Terence Winch                        
Yes. Well by Myra Connell                             
Sunflowers by Jennifer Tonge                        
When We’ve Arrived by C. Pam Zhang        
Ruth by Annie Muir                           
Not Summer Yet by Stuart A. Paterson
The Switch by Mona Arshi                
Glad There Are Places by Hugh Smith
Doesn’t Have to be Pretty: an interview with Andrew McMillan                  
Conversation by Jaime An Lim                     
A Hurricane Named You by Neely Woodroffe        
Removal by Michael O’Sullivan        
Stoned by Christina Logue                
The wrestler Tillet – The French Angel – is examined by Harvard anthropologists, Boston, 1940 by Daniel Roy Connelly                        
In the Park by Jonathan George                     
In the Ether of Disappointing, Not Devastating News by Michelle Miller   
My Mother Passes Down Another Story by Mark Czanik                                        
The Chantry Priest by Thomas Maloney        
Bats by Josephine Norman                             

Featuring artwork by
Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Jonathan Turner and Jane Hambleton

Cover by Michael Carson

Issue 24 Spring 2016  OUT OF PRINT

I Dreamed Seve Ballesteros Was Playing Golf Again by Stephen Sharp     
Baseball on the Radio at Night by Eva HD              
Sheffield by Michael Brown                                       
Spaciousness by Chase Twichell                               
Arterial by Abigail Parry                                
Snake Charm by Sean Lusk                         
The Wound by Gerald Dawe                      
Summer ’13 by Nell Wilson                         
Brown Hairstreak Eggs by Ruth Sharman               
Cemetery Garden by Ella Frears                                
Oddly Well-Adjusted: an interview with Thomas Morris                
Tom Crean Sings Sean-nós at the Tiller in the Southern Ocean by David McLoghlin           
The Belgian Blue by Laura Morgan                            
A Summer Storm in Lycoming County by Michael P. McManus 
Phoebe and the Troopship by James Leader      
Blues by Fred Johnston                               
Dance Therapy by Natalya Anderson     
Paint it Red Because it Means Something: an interview with Sara Baume 
Thirty-Seventh View of Mount Fuji by Sharon Black                                                        
Writing Won’t Feed the Family by Jason Newman 
Speaking of the Dead by Frank Farrelly                 
Nigel Has Six Flash Friends by Bette Pesetsky     

Featuring artwork by
Firelei Baez, Jonathan Queen and Tran Nguyen

Cover by Serge Gay Jr.



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