Issue 31 Winter 2017

Windows in Belleville by Anna Lewis                      
The Banville Rule: an interview with John Banville             
How to Make a Snooker Table Laugh by Ciaran Berry
Mosquitos by George David Clark                            
Blaise by Thomas Legendre                                        
The Great Evening Bat by Hugh Smith                    
Pretty As It Is by Trent Busch                                     
Brothers Speak Oology by Sam Holdstock            
If the Name is Not Right by Yuan Changming      
My People by Anna Frances Conway                     
What I Meant When I Cried Uncontrollably at your Wedding by Jeanne Obard 
Amy by David Romanda                                               
Boxer’s Bed by Martin Towers                   
Life is Elsewhere: an interview with Paul Murray                              
In the Half Light by J. P. Grasser               
Vanishing by Taylor Supplee                      
Mister Switzerland by Susan Bennett    
Grenfell Tower by David Salner                
Reincarnation by Michael Lee Johnson  
Hand Shadows by David Cameron           
Honey by Adrian Duncan                             
Lucky.  Dir., Bela Trakl. Columbia Pictures. 1968 by David Owen Miller                                     
Ghostly Turnip Green Glow by Marcus Slease    
Lemonade by Paul Whyte                                          
The Moth Short Story Prize                                         
Featuring artwork by
Cover by Janet Werner   

Issue 30 Autumn 2017
Down at the Circus of Self-Disgust by Michael Derrick Hudson        
The Giantess Batsheba by Owen Booth                        
Meaning Enough by Ross Jackson                 
Long Distance by Suzanne Conway                               
You Are Worth It by T. S. Hidalgo                  
While We Were Alive by Dianna Mackinnon Henning                               
So Much to Tie Up: an interview with Sally Rooney                  
My Husband Reading Me Poetry on a Wednesday Morning in June 
by Lizzie Hutton                       
In the Orchard by Faith Merino
Where in the World We Had a Mason Jar by Jonathan Starke                             
I Was Boiling Eggs by Jack Cooper Stimpson              
Driving the Coast by Zoe Mitchell                   
Where the Madness Came: an interview with June Caldwell                  
On the Flightpath to Ireland by Jane Routh   
The Art of Leaving by Sean Robinson                          
Immemorial by Gram Joel Davies                  
Cormorant by Heidi Williamson                     
Nightjar by Georgina Aboud                                            
Polling the People by Maarten Inghels (translated by Willem Groenewegen)         
Featuring artwork by
Cover by Ingrid Loxterkamp   

Issue 29 Summer 2017
Sermon in the Kitchen by Wessie du Toit      
Keeps Me Off the Streets: an interview with Colm Tóibín
Babakoto by Jon Davis                                   
The Horses by James Stradner            
Things We Think We Know by Howie Good  
Touched by Kevin Whelan                             
Film Sequence XXXIII by Peggy Aylsworth   
Golden Bricks of Café Bustelo by Cooper Wilhelm                                       
Koan by Lisa Lewis                            
Elk by Dawn Watson                          
More Comfortable by Stephen May    
It Doesn’t Feel like Happiness by Richard W. Halperin                                   
Small by Jessica Mookherjee                           
It Isn’t Only Yours: an interview with Lionel Shriver              
Floating Islands by Stav Poleg              
In the Gardens of End Times by Jody J. Sperling       
Breshenev’s Daughter by Carole Braverman  
Wedding Guest by Susan Kelly-DeWitt                      
Salt by Tom Moore                                         
As Plath by John Newson                              
Block by Tom Mathews                                  
Reunion in the Hotel Bar by Daniel Galvin
Bath by Sharon Black                         
The Moth Poetry Prize 2017                

Cover by Elizabeth Peyton 

Issue 28 Spring 2017
‘i need large electric oven roaster … ’ by Maya Jewell Zeller                        
Camping by S. J. Mannion                              
Marriage by Greg Geis                        
Papier Mâché Boat: an interview with John Kelly
New House: Brick with Lime Green Door by Christina Seymour 
Untitled by Buko                                            
Sonnet to Myself by Owen McLeod               
Breakfast in a White Room by Howard Wright           
Clearing by Anna Ball                        
Letter to Al by Lee Sharkey                
Our First Serial Killer by Charlie Keyheart
You’re in My Blood like Holy Wine by Katie Hale                                         
The Fact of Forgetting by Elizabeth Morton     
One Summer Nothing Went Wrong by Sarah Dickenson Snyder
Collected Poems by Maitreyabandhu              
Checkerboard by Mitchell Albert                    
chemo makes you feel like shit by David Romanda                                       
On the Sprocket Side of the Hay Rake by C. Mikal Oness 
Being Honest with Himself: an interview with John Boyne                 
Souvenir by Andrew Jamison                        
Lough Ardan by Carla Manfredino                 
Let Me Sleep by Scott Elder                            
The Arrest of the Englishman on the Beach at Cannes by Michael Thomas 
The Moth Short Story Prize 2017
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