Issue 46 Autumn 2021
The Imp Haven by Elias Hutchinson
Moth Short Story Prizewinner                             
Body Language by Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana
Bindi-eye by Kathryn Pallant
Remote Learning by Stuart Pickford
Semantics by Connor Harrison
A Time of Exploration: an interview with Tishani Doshi
Look: by Joey Lew
Sprouting by Dan Leitch                            
Moth Short Story Prizewinner                             
self-lullaby by Wye Haze
Iím Marrying My Dissatisfaction And Youíre All Invited by Gabrielle Griot      
I Want More Than Just This: an interview with Conor OíCallaghan
Mermaid by Laurie Bolger
Fox by Sharon Black        
Moth Short Story Prizewinner                             
squirrel fondles acorn, I think about death by Elias Peek Sorich
In Winter by Anne Dyer Stuart
Brianís Guy by Rachel Burns
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Issue 45 Summer 2021

Neck braces from the corporatocracy by Emily Ford
Cabbage Aisle Kids by Imogen Cook                                      
What They Roared by Adam Tavel
My Mum, World Leader by Stuart Pickford
Diary by Stephen Sharp
The Broom by Peter Mladinic
Harmony of the Spheres by Tim Turnbull
At the Bodega by Steve Ablon                            
Franklin Super by Mahito Indi Henderson                                                                     
Juju for Cloves by Michael Martin
Straightness Is by Patrick Holloway      
Reach for Something Else: an interview with Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe
Night Train by Ruth Sharman
China by Maitreyabandhu
Thatíll Be Good by Judith Hoyer
Bloodrush by Veronica Niero
Desperados by Dorothy Cornish
60 per cent of bisexual people are in
psychological distress at any one time 
by Elspeth Wilson
In the olden days by Vanessa Lampert
Thatís How I Need to Be: an interview with Megan Nolan
Garlic Lamb Meatballs by John Leonard
At Evening by Alexander Majendie
Tara Said by Elaine Feeney
The Moth Count by Suzannah Evans
night music by Ewan Monaghan
The Moth Nature Writing Prize
Featuring artwork by

Issue 44 Spring 2021

In the dream of the cold restaurant by Abigail Parry
A Week in March by Rowland Bagnall
The Dead Arose and Appeared to Many by Kathleen Murray
Jesus Never Laughed by Clint Margrave
Midnight Supper at the Winter Palace by Jessica Bundschuh
Hippo by Alexandra Melville
Chewing on the Wires: an interview with Hera Lindsay Bird
Collier in His Natural State by Collier Brown
Unfinished Dialectic in the Communal Kitchen by Will Pittam                            
The Specialist by Randy F. Nelson                                                                      
Chaos Soliloquy by Michael Lavers
A Debut Novelist: an interview with Keith Ridgway
Livestock by Neil McCarthy      
Aftershave by David Romanda
Asleep on the Wing by Jess McKinney
Instrument by Guy Elston
Blasted Out the Caravan Door by Sean Tanner
The Marigolds by Jodie Hollander             
Teenage Girls by Sharon Black
IKEA by Matthew Valades
Winter Coupling by Kevin Higgins
For the Poet Who Writes to Me While Standing in Line at CVS, Waiting for His Mother's Prescription by Suzanne Cleary
Death in Toronto by Eleanor Fuller
The Moth Short Story Prize
Featuring artwork by

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