Issue 35 Winter 2018

Holocene Lullaby by Eric Berlin                  
The Silver Turtle by Stephen Duffy          
Still Life with Roadkill and Figs by Ellen Kombiyil
In the Queue by Noel Conneely                               
Another Beautiful Day Indoors by Erik Kennedy
A Joyful Thing to Write: an interview with Jo Shapcott                    
Words of Wisdom at the Tides Restaurant by John White
Auld Lang Syne by Joel Scarfe                    
Tarek Compares Beauty and Thunder by Peter Serchuk
Line Drawing after Josef Capek by Kate Ennals   
Font by Roland Leach                                    
flock by Jennifer Compton                          
The Wasted Fury by Melanie McGee Bianchi      
What Mattered to Me About the Wind by Paul Watsky
The Night I Wrote Josh Tillman a Letter by Erin Bealmear
Nicola Hicks by Max Porter                                          
Elm Street by Richard W. Halperin                           
Still Life Without Object by John Michael Mouskos                                          
Long Distance by Margaret Cunningham              
He Thanks His Three Mentors by Milton P. Ehrlich            
Jogging With Roger by Rebecca Goss                     
Selling Christmas Trees by Aidan O’Donoghue   
Twentieth Century Smoking by Sinead Wilson   
Out into the Light: an interview with Paul Lynch                                
In a Garden, Maybe After a Death by Carolyn Oulton
Her Maps, Their Annotations by Jean Atkin         
Zero Hour by William Cordeiro                   

Featuring artwork by
Cover by Amy Huddleston

Issue 34 Autumn 2018
Shadow of the Owl by Matthew Sweeney       
Psychobabble by Caoilinn Hughes
Was I Born Melancholic or is This Just What Brexit Feels Like?
by Jade Angelese Fitton                                  
Illness on Vacation by Wes Civilz                  
You Will Inherit Nothing: an interview with Kit de Waal                     
Psychobabble by Caoilinn Hughes                                        
Odds by Anthony Lawrence                           
Feral Hogs by Kevin Higgins                          
Before Him was the Moon by Tom Pescatore 
Soulcraft by John McCullough                       
It’s Goodbye from Her by Stephanie Braithwaite                               
Today we Brag by Deborah Bacharach                       
Eschatology by Jennie Malboeuf                    
The Hypermarket by Julia Deakin                  
Killybegs by J. T. Ledbetter                             
The Potter by Partridge Boswell                      
Last Night by Robert Leach                            
Blue by V. P. Loggins                          
Sunday, Very Early Morning by Phoebe Walker                                             
Standard Deviation by Caoilinn Hughes     
The Beauty of the World: an interview with Medbh McGuckian                
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Issue 33 Summer 2018

The First Time They Want You by Lotte Mitchell Reford                                 
Famous Last by Jude Cook                                          
Facts by Julie Cameron Gray                                      
Portal by Peggy O’Brien                                               
the machine is painted black by Stefano Paparo
Fort/Da by Linda Bamber                                             
Consultation by Julia Webb                                        
Bucket by Iain Twiddy                                   
Lascaux by Tom Paine                                   
We Are Nothing But Afraid by Natalie Crick         
Painting is like a Metronome: an interview with Chantal Joffe                     
Heat by Lauren Mackenzie                                         
Choose Your Own Adventure, or Creative 101 by Hannah Austin
Against Destruction by Hannah Louise Poston   
Collage with Small Angel by Richard Brostoff      
To Be Handled With Care by Patricia Donovan     
After-Stroke by Mary Brady                                       
Close the Shutters and Listen: an interview with Caitríona O’Reilly                           
The Girls and the Fires by Imogen Dall                  
People in a Diary by Richard W. Halperin               
Martian Intermarriage in Philadelphia by Kim Bridgford                                                 
Fouetté en Tournant by Colson Lin                        
The Moth Poetry Prize                                  
Featuring artwork by
Enrico Riley, Pawel Kleszczewski and Ray Turner

Cover by Chantal Joffe

Issue 32 Spring 2018

You are such a good listener! by David McGimpsey
How to Drink Your Way Out of Child-Rearing by Joe Davies                                     
In what way are forests black or white. We saw them blue. With forget me nots. by Teresa Ott
It’s Just a Restlessness: an interview with Joanna Walsh                     
Sometimes in the kitchen when you’re on your own by Miranda Peake                      
On Friday She Contemplates Loneliness by A. D. Lauren                                           
Where Did Everybody Go? by Brandon French          
Salon Capri by Susan Nisenbaum Becker        
Milking It by James Whyte                  
Two Unconnected Verses by Hugh Smith
A Gun in the House by Natalya Anderson
Cause of Death by Brian Beatty                       
Miss Hoity-Toity by Jackie Martin      
Shirtless by Cheryl Moskowitz
That Just Sparked: an interview with Danielle McLaughlin                 
Sturm und Drang by Rebecca Orchard           
Love Poem, Lucca by Fiona Benson               
Letter from Tess Durbeyfield by Zoë Brigley Thompson                                 
Feathers by Dean Atta                          
Be Mine by Nisha Bhakoo                   
Bed by John Saul                                 
Fortune Reshuffled, Reshuffled by Audrey Molloy
Grandma Bad Cop by Robert Nazarene                       
Passing by with Two Guys at Midnight, a Girl Tells Her Friend by Harold Hoefle       
If you came tapping at the window by Alison Whitelock                                 
Slaughterhouse by Mark Wynne                     
Yesterknot by Joel Wayne       
Joy at Love’s Passing by Dermot O’Keeffe      
Featuring artwork by



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